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Our achievements

Metal for Life NI is a community group which supports the mental health of Metal music fans in Northern Ireland. Our not-for-profit group offers free-of-charge peer support groups, education on mental health and a listening ear to those who need it within the local Metal community, with an ethos of inclusivity, empathy and respect.
Our small core team are passionate about what we do and we have been very busy to bring you the best service we possibly can.

Since 28th January 2018, our small team of volunteers have:

  • Developed Metal for Life NI to become a registered Charity (NIC108508) with Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

  • Sought and taken expert advice on the best way to run peer support groups to benefit the mental health of Metal for Life members.

  • Set up our non-profit organisation as a Charity, with a high standard, quality documentation system, strictly following current Charity Commission NI and regulations and guidelines, including the Code of Good Governance.

  • Constituted our organisation as governed by a Board of Trustees, which is elected annually at AGM by registered members.

  • Created and developed charitable purposes, mission and policies with sole benefit to members of Metal for Life NI.

  • Acquired multiple small grants from Impact Network NI for the prevention of self-harm and suicide and the promotion of mental health. Our projects have been clearly determined to be effective.

  • Appointed and trained facilitators and volunteers in Metal for Life NI guidelines and policies.

  • Trained support group facilitators in respectfully handling substance use and self-harming or suicidal thoughts and behaviours, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and Mental Health First Aid.

  • Run regular, free-of-charge, peer support groups which are tailored to benefit metal and rock fans.

  • Arranged events, workshops and outings for support group attendees including environmental conservation work.

  • Attended key mental health events including NI Science Festival Understanding Suicide and International Association for Suicide Prevention Congress

  • Identified professionally qualified counsellors for recommendation to our members who require a one-to-one service.

  • Developed key collaborations with professional and public bodies, organisations and individuals, mental health supportive groups, Metal industry bands, groups and individuals.

  • Collaborated with and raised over £13,000 for AWARE NI, Northern Ireland’s leading charity tackling depression and bi-polar disorder

  • Reached out to and made a difference to people’s lives, often behind the scenes, confidentially.


In terms of marketing, we have:

  • Regularly run open days, presenting the benefits of Metal for Life NI support and services offered.

  • Circulated hundreds of Metal for Life NI t-shirts, bags, hats and thousands of promotional materials including business card beermats, stickers, pens, notebooks – all to promote our cause

  • Promoted our cause with the help of local and international bands, promoters, journalists, photographers, venues, bars and businesses.

  • Attended events and fund-raisers locally and further afield including The Distortion Project and Bloodstock Festival.

  • Participated in interviews, radio shows and podcasts to raise awareness of the support available for mental health


Building a strong following on social media, we have:

  • Promoted our cause, focussing on our Metal and Rock community

  • Created a confidential Metal Minds facebook group for support group attendees.

  • Created a website providing information on our organisation and support services.

  • Provided education and support on depression, stress and anxiety, managing emotions, sleep deprivation, emotional resilience, and ways to improve mental well-being through our Metal Health series.

  • Promoted “Take 5 steps to well-being” , "Steps to Overcome Stress" and other beneficial steps to self-recovery.

  • Linked members to important information on NHS / PHA and other supportive charities, organisations,  self-help web pages, social media groups and organisations.


Volunteers have helped us to:

  • discuss Metal for Life NI with the Public Health Agency, local Trusts and Funding Bodies

  • promote the group and raise funds to keep our services completely free-of-charge

  • run supportive and educational events and workshops

  • develop branded imagery and publications to inspire followers of  our social media pages

  • create our Metal for Life logos, fonts and range of merchandise

  • reach more Metal fans  by promoting our cause publicly

  • be at the heart of our community - running information and merchandise stands at local events and Metal / Rock shows



Metal for Life NI is available to anyone in the Metal & Rock Community. EVERY person we reach is valued and valuable.

Together we can make a difference to the lives of the amazing people in our Metal & Rock Community in Northern Ireland.


Metal for Life NI – supporting mental health together

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Did you know...

Our stunning Metal for Life logo series was designed by local metal fans, John Thompson and Adam Getty.

The logo is a tribute to Dani Kansanaho. The font encompasses respectful nods to the metal bands he loved. The 7-string guitar head is a match for Dani's Ibanez and it sits over your heart when you wear the logo t-shirt. The red guitar pick truly makes our brand stand out from afar. This genius design is beautiful in it's own right but the guys have given us the flexibility to have different colours, wording and design. Awesome!  

Thanks guys!

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