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Charitable Purpose & Duty of Care

Metal for Life NI is registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland - NIC108508. Our charitable purpose is:

  • To provide genuine, non-judgemental, unprejudiced support for mental ill health within the Metal Music Community, through provision of peer support groups and communication mechanisms;

  • To provide an understanding of mental illnesses and fight the stigma associated with them;

  • To provide knowledge of the support available for those with mental ill health;

  • To educate and encourage people to build resilience and maintain positive mental health for themselves and others;

The above charitable purposes are for the benefit of the Metal and Rock Music Community in Northern Ireland including, but not restricted to, fans, artists and employees of the music industry.

Our duty of care to the mental health and well-being of our clients and the wider public is critical and is supported effectively by our Constitution, Quality Management, Safeguarding policy, good team communication and strict compliance with legal and the regulatory requirements of our charitable purpose.


Misrepresentation of the Metal for Life NI charity is fraudulent and potentially dangerous to the wellbeing of clients and the wider public. Therefore, no party is permitted to imply affiliation with, offer services or mental health advice, raise funds or comment on behalf of the charity Metal for Life NI and Metal for Life NI Group without authorisation. In addition, no party is permitted to modify, reproduce, or distribute Metal for Life NI branded publications, imagery or logos without authorisation.


As an independent charity, Metal for Life NI is not currently affiliated with other organisations or social media groups. However, should such affiliation arise, Metal for Life NI reserves the right to terminate relationship with any individual or party whose actions or commentary are in breach of our policy.

Only authorised individuals are permitted to perform, or declare publically that they perform, voluntary roles on behalf of Metal for Life NI. All Metal for Life NI Volunteers are recruited and regularly reviewed in accordance with good Safeguarding practices. For details of current Volunteers, please contact the Chairperson.


We assure our service users and followers that Metal for Life NI aims to protect the safety and wellbeing of everyone who puts their trust in us.


Any concerns about the Metal for Life NI charity, its activities or collaborations should be raised by contacting us directly at

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