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Our Story

Metal for Life NI was founded to support the mental health of Metal and Rock fans in Northern Ireland, in honour of Dani Kansanaho, who tragically took his own life in October 2017. Dani’s death sent waves of shock and sadness throughout our Metal community here in Northern Ireland. 
He is missed dreadfully, every day.

We realised quickly that other Metal fans may suffer from mental illnesses and that the general public often incorrectly assumes that their love of metal music  is to blame. We felt it was time to challenge that stigma and start a unique community support group to help metal fans become more aware of mental illnesses and to offer education and support to those who need it. 

From the devastating loss of Dani, there has grown a unique support network in Metal for Life NI - challenging depression and suicide head on - Metalheads providing support for Metalheads together. Our  group is growing from strength to strength, with attendees returning regularly to our popular support groups. We organise and facilitate events which encourage community, respect and communication. Our private Facebook group, followed by ~1500 members, provides valuable education and support to anyone in the community who needs it. We have professional and trained facilitators available to anyone who needs to reach out. Through our grief, we are so proud of what we have achieved. We so wish Dani could be here to see it. His memory will live on in Metal for Life NI. We are forever in debt to those who have supported us in our loss. Thank you. 

Gillian & Ahti Kansanaho

#Remembering Dani

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