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Crowd at a Concert

Benefits of Support Groups

  • Support groups provide a safe environment for people to talk through and resolve issues together, in confidence. Everyone is treated as an equal and a unique empathy can be shared between group members experiencing similar issues.

  • We often feel more comfortable talking to other members who have similar views and interests - in our case, metal music. Talking can help people feel less alone or stigmatised and better understood.

  • Peer support can help us feel more in control of how we manage mental health. We can be inspired and encouraged by others in the group, gaining useful information, ideas and self-help strategies.

  • Peer support groups may be particularly useful if you haven’t had a good experience with traditional mental health services.

  • Together, we can empower each other to reduce anxiety, build confidence, improve self-esteem and a sense of well-being.

  • Metal for Life NI - supporting mental health together.

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