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Crisis support and advice groups

Important contact details

There is a lot of help available if something’s troubling you. The following are just a few of the organisations who can help

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Metal for Life NI Contact Details

Beer mat? Coaster? Business Card?

We love our branded business card beer mats, or are they cool coasters for your cuppa? These are a massive deal for us in spreading the word about Metal for Life NI. We have been distributing them throughout venues, bars, restaurants, community centres, tattoo parlours, gaming and clothing shops...generally anywhere an unsuspecting metalhead is likely to pick one up!

If we haven't reached your business yet, and you'd like to help promote us with these, drop us a line.

Did you know….

75% of the audience plays with one or more printed beer mats for more than 5 seconds?

90% of the printed beer mats are found at a different place at the end of the evening?

92% of the audience looks at a beer mat for more than 15 seconds?

Powerful advertising!

Beermat image.jpg

Support Group Flyer


Here you can download a flyer which explains the benefits of attending our support groups.

Flyer Dec 18 image.PNG

Take 5 steps to well-being


Great self-help from HSC

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