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We'd love you to get Involved

Promote Metal for Life NI

Message for bands, journalists, photographers and those in the music industry who would like to support Metal for Life NI

We are looking for bands or individuals on the metal scene who would be interested in supporting Metal for Life NI and inspiring our members. 

Sharing our website on your band page is the easiest way to spread the word.

Click the Promo box below for more ideas on how you can help.


Give something back

Metal for Life NI relies on a dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate about benefiting the lives of others, and it's a great feeling to be part of it. You can volunteer to help Metal for Life NI, by fund-raising, selling merch at events and gigs, distributing our beermats and flyers, writing for the website or fb group, or becoming a facilitator for a support group. We like to involve as many people as we can. Get in touch if you'd like to help! Click the link below to see what we have done so far!

Contribute to discussion

Join us on Social Media

Metal for Life NI can be found on twitter, instagram and facebook. In addition, we host a moderated private fb group which is open for discussion among members, offering support to those who need it. We often post educational features regarding mental illnesses, coping strategies and useful information. Our group page is boosted by metal tunes, band interviews and photos of members, aiming to have a positive, supportive effect on readers. It's great if you join in the discussion by encouraging others who post, or by adding your own thoughts, songs and images.
We love to hear from you!

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