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Metal for Life NI at Bloodstock

9 August 2019

What a huge success the Bloodstock Festival has been for Metal for Life! The organisation and effort put into this festival is exceptional. We are eternally grateful to Simon Hall for having us over, for all the love and support, and for looking after the team so well, along with the amazing Newblood crew. Thanks also to Paul McMonnies for his support along with the Bloodstock crew and security teams. We are immensely grateful to all the bands who supported us and called to see us throughout the weekend, including all our mighty local friends: Special thanks also to Countless Skies and Evil Scarecrow for their love and support.
Huge thanks to every single Bloodstocker who offered support, donated or bought merch! Your support helps to keep fighting the stigma around mental illness. Please keep spreading the word about Metal for Life by sharing us on social media and telling your mates. It could make a massive difference to someone's life. We salute you all and hope to see you again 🤘

Gillian and Ahti also acknowledge the outstanding efforts of the Metal for Life NI volunteers throughout the festival. The weekend was a massive success and that is down to 4 stellar people: Joanne Hudson, Neal McMenamin, Gareth Ruddock and Chris Mulholland. It took huge commitment to move all our gear across the water, keeping everything secure and well organised. These guys have the compassion and dedication to represent our fight against mental illness and we couldn't ask for a better team. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.
We are also indebted to everyone who took the time to remember Dani and the tragic reason why Metal for Life exists. Your love and support give us the determination to help people when they need it most. Thank you all so much. Metal for Life ❤️🤘

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