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Nesting Boxes and Bird Feeders

25 June 2022

We had another great event at Breckenhill Estate yesterday. This time we made bird feeders from pinecones, suet and seeds and built nesting boxes for small birds from scratch. Everyone did a great job of drilling the holes, nailing the wood together, painting and decorating, helped along with a good dose of Metal. Wonder if the Breckenhill birds will like the metal-themed décor?! 😬

Lunch was freshly made cheesy scones and fire-griddled crepes, fresh fruit sauces and toppings, along with the usual top quality tray-bakes from our friends at Amber Catering & Cakes 👌

Many thanks to David and Henrietta Reade for allowing us to use their lovely space once again. Thanks also to Ahti, Tom and Aaron for their wood-working skills and preparation for the day and to everyone who joined us to make it another one of those epic Metal for Life events. We’re always inspired by the effort and friendship our group brings to these days. You’re all legends 🤘❤️

Many thanks and looking forward to the next one in August!

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