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Raising awareness at Antrim Grammar

16 September 2019

We all have mental health and therefore anyone has the possibility of having mental ill health. Gillian was at Antrim Grammar School this week talking about suicide awareness and prevention, supportive ideas for those who are struggling with mental ill health and how we can all help people who are struggling. Key points were:

• Mental ill health can happen to anyone and is very often treatable and recoverable
• We all need to start respecting it and handling it in the same way as physical illness
• There are lots of ways a person can take small positive steps to improving their mental health
• Support is available in many forms: medical, professional, charity, voluntary organisations, family and friends
• We can all learn how to support others who need help with their mental health.
• It’s never too late to start down the road to recovery.

We would like to thank Mr McKee and the staff and students at Antrim Grammar for helping us raise awareness of mental ill health. It’s great to see the school take mental health and suicide prevention seriously by building it into their Learning for Life programme. Let’s hope it is the first of many opportunities to talk and learn how we can improve mental health for everyone.🤘❤️

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